Case Study

Improving digital scheduling for ASCs at Landmark Surgery Center

Landmark Surgery Center, Jeffersonville, IN


Landmark Surgery Center is an ambulatory surgery center focused on outpatient total joint replacement. ASCs are the fastest growing joint segment in the US, and Landmark is no exception. Landmark patient volume is ranked in the top 10 in the US for ASCs performing total joints.

The Challenge

Doctors from multiple clinics use Landmark as their preferred surgical facility. Coordination of scheduling, efficient use of time for the staff and surgeons, and reduction of burdensome tasks were needed with high patient volume growth.

The Solution

PRO-MAPP implemented digital scheduling for surgery coordination, digitized the patient intake forms and created a pre-surgical assessment system for the nursing staff, automated patient reported outcomes and satisfaction surveys, and combined operative data collected at time of surgery to automatically create operative reporting with zero dictation.

The Result

Nursing staff now can assess patient surgical readiness in 5 minutes, which took 30 minutes prior to PRO-MAPP. Operative reports are ready for billing the same day of service enhancing the ASC revenue stream while saving surgeon time without the need to dictate. Receivables were shortened by 17 days. PROMs patient participation is 97% at 1 year, and satisfaction survey is reporting a net promoter score of 91%.

Leading Orthopaedic surgeon

Dr Joe Greene

Happens in real time before I leave the operating room with a patient

"I am loving this platform. My ASC finance team has been impressed with the amazing turn around in submitting our op notes for billing. It literally happens in real time before I leave the operating room with a patient. The ability to also have patient-reported outcome measures built in satisfies many of the new insurance requirements regarding need of those numbers for approval and for potentially increased reimbursement. I have been showing off the platform to all of my residents and colleagues."