How to turn EMR data challenges into exciting opportunities for Orthopaedic Surgery

Luckily, transforming the challenges set by data-heavy EMRs are being solved by capturing data to gain invaluable insights from advanced analytics and innovative visualization methods.

A post-pandemic problem: how to solve healthcare’s stacked waiting lists

A change in expectations as to how health is given and received may be a cultural shift, but with waiting lists still far from the levels we saw before Covid-19, that change is needed.

Personalised Patient Pathways: going beyond operational healthcare challenges

From personalising individual care plans, to driving efficiency and lowering costs for clinicians, here are five compelling reasons for why PRO-MAPP is revolutionising the healthcare sector.

Success by degrees: how to overhaul inefficient healthcare with Small IT

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PRO-MAPP for joint replacement surgery: a slicker digital approach to preoperative assessments

Reducing the need for unnecessary face to face appointments, the lengths of hospital stays, and training and resources costs, PRO-MAPP looks to speed up operations and achieve greater patient satisfaction.