Case Study

Implementing eOpNote data collection for Mount Carmel New Albany

Mount Carmel New Albany Hospital, New Albany, OH


Mount Carmel New Albany is a specialty hospital focused on inpatient and outpatient orthopedic, neurologic, and musculoskeletal care. The hospital features technologically advanced treatments combined with a unique caring and service philosophy tailored for each patient.

The Challenge

Mandated electronic medical record systems (EMRs) are large costly systems that can be difficult to tailor and extract data for specific needs. EMRs are designed for large but general data storage. The adult reconstructive surgeons publish several clinical studies per year and a data system that could offer valued added efficiencies at the same time collecting specific surgical data points was sought out to enhance the EMR system, not replace it.

The Solution

PRO-MAPP eOpNote data collection was implemented, and the surgical team collects tailored data points for each total and partial joint surgery. In addition to automatically created operative notes ready for billing with zero dictation, the surgical data is transferred to a bespoke clinical research data base where research staff can cube data sets in real time for clinical research.

The Result

The operative data collection allows for same day op reports that are signed and coded, ready for billing same day of service. This was not possible with the EMR. In addition, the automatic integration of tailored operative data to the clinical research database allows for real time data configuration for research. The adult reconstructive group publishes 3 to 6 research papers per year and works with industry for post market data surveillance of new implant systems.

Leading Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. David Crawford

We can query nearly every surgery done at our practice

"PRO-MAPP allows our practice to have real time access to patient data and outcomes. We can query nearly every surgery done at our practice, filter the data by procedure type, surgeon, site of surgery and many more variables. The data export takes seconds instead of months of combing through charts. PRO-MAPP is an invaluable asset to our clinical practice as well as research."