Case Study

From paper-based to digital workflows: transforming clinical care with Faith in Practice

Faith in Practice, Houston, TX


Faith in Practice is a charitable organization that facilitates remote medical clinics as well surgical clinics in Guatemala. Different teams of care providers travel from the US to all parts of Guatemala for a week of care 30 to 40 weeks per year.

The Challenge

The standard workflow documentation was paper based, documenting initial findings, care provided, and in some instances referral for surgery. With so many different teams providing different care, consistent patient tracking and surgical preparation was nearly impossible.

The Solution

PRO-MAPP implemented a unique digital platform that operates on tablets and networked via Star Link satellite internet. The platform called “Insight” allows staff to register the patient, the clinic team to capture specific care provided, teams can refer a patient for surgery and capture x-ray images for later case planning by the surgical team.

The Result

The latest remote medical clinic used Insight for 4 consecutive days of patient care. Providers were easily trained the night before highlighting the specific nature of the platform that replicates the workflow in a digital format. During the 4 days of clinic, 969 patients were treated, all registered into Insight and each case documented with condition and treatment. Zero patients were needed to be paper documented, and the Insight workflow did not slow patient throughput.

Leading Orthopaedic surgeon

Michelle Bair, FIP CEO

Providing our vulnerable patients with the quality healthcare they deserve

"As a nonprofit organization providing critical health services to vulnerable patients in a developing country, it was important for us to find a patient-centered health management platform that was flexible, easy to use, and capable of providing insights to drive patient care. After reviewing many options, we quickly determined that Insight was the only solution capable of meeting our complex medical clinic, surgical, and inventory needs. Insight is an essential tool designed to help us better manage patient health, increase positive patient outcomes, and provide our vulnerable patients with the quality healthcare they deserve. Some of our providers had concerns that implementing a digital tool would negatively impact the volunteer and patient experience. But due to the nature of how easy it is to capture data, that simply has not been the case.  With Insight we are now able to query information to better understand the conditions and needs of our patients and use that information to make decisions about how our resources are deployed throughout Guatemala.  It also gives us the ability to demonstrate our impact more accurately to our donor and volunteer network. We couldn’t be more grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a talented and innovative company."